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Hi I’m Clarke,

I am a designer.

I create bright and bold urban streetwear. 

My designs are inspired by the world I know, the one I see through my own eyes and experience though all my senses.

My art is a place for me to escape from the challenges of everyday life. 

I use a wheelchair for my independence, I am like everybody else, I just have a disability.

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When I design it takes me to a place of inspiration which allows me to be calm and centred. I’m in my happy place and have the freedom to express myself.

My first introduction to the world of design, was when I was young, and I always admired men and women’s Fashion Design, I would play dress ups and co-ordinate outfits to the best of my abilities. I always pretended I was a famous fashion designer and enjoyed playing dress up with dolls at school.

I have done things that I thought would not be possible with having a disability. Like Traveling, Skydiving and now being self-employed and having my own business.

I hope other people see what I have overcome and the challenges I have faced and use this is as inspiration in achieving their goals in life as well.

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